Collection and use of personal information

Personal information is data that can be used to identify a person or to contact them.

With any appeal to Renessaince Crowdfunding (Hereinafter referred to as RC) you may be asked to provide personal information. RC and its subsidiaries may share this personal information with each other and use it in accordance with this privacy policy. This information may be combined with others to provide and improve our products, services, content, and advertising. You are not required to provide personal information when we request it, but if you do not provide it, in some cases we may not be able to provide you with a product, service, or response to your request.

Here are some examples of what personal information RC may collect and use.

What personal information we collect

  • When you create an RC ID, connect to our services, contact us, including through social media, or participate in an online survey, we may ask you to provide certain information, including your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, email address, preferred method of communication, device IDs, IP address, location information, credit card information, and information from your social media contact profile.
  • In some countries, in certain cases, we may ask you to provide government-issued identification data — for example, when creating a wireless account and activating a device, when applying for a credit extension, when managing a reservation, and in other cases required by law.

How we use personal information

We may process your personal information for the purposes described in this privacy Policy, with your consent, to comply with legal obligations that RC has, to fulfill a contract to which you are a party, to protect your vital interests, or when necessary in the legitimate interests of RC or a third party that may need to disclose the information. If you have any questions about the legal justification, you can contact our support service.

  • The personal information we collect helps keep you up to date with news about new RC products, updates, and upcoming events. If you do not want to receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe from them at any time. To do this, you need to update your profile settings.
  • We also use personal information to create, develop, operate, distribute, and improve our products, services, materials, and advertising, as well as to prevent losses and counter fraud. We may also use your personal information for account and network security purposes, including to protect our services for the benefit of all our users, and to preview or scan downloaded content to identify potentially illegal content, including child sexual exploitation material. When we use your information for anti-fraud purposes, it is dictated by the conduct of Internet transactions through our systems. We restrict the use of data for anti-fraud purposes only to those purposes that are strictly necessary and affect our legitimate interests in connection with the protection of customers and services. When performing certain Internet transactions, we may also verify the information you provide using publicly available sources of information.
  • From time to time, we use the personal information we collect to send important notifications, such as changes to terms and policies. You cannot opt out of receiving such messages, as this information is necessary for your interaction with RC.
  • We may use personal information for internal purposes, such as conducting audits, data analysis, and research to improve RC products and services, as well as ways to communicate with customers.

Collection and use of non-personal information

We also collect data that is not directly related to a specific person. We may collect, use, transmit and disclose such information for any purpose. Here are some examples of what non-personal information we collect and use.

  • We may collect information such as your place of work, language, zip code, city code, unique device ID, link source URL, location, and time zone where the RC service is used. This helps us better understand users ' needs and offer them more appropriate products, services, and advertising.
  • We may collect information about customer activity on our website. In addition, we may use data obtained through our partners. This information allows us to provide customers with more useful information, as well as to understand which sections of the website, products and services are of increased interest. The data collected under this privacy policy does not belong to the category of personal information.
  • We may collect and store information about how you use our service, including search queries. This information may be used to improve the relevance of our services. Such information will not be associated with your IP address, except in certain cases where it is necessary to ensure the quality of services provided by us over the Internet.

When combining non-personal information with personal information, the combined data will be considered personal as long as it remains combined.

Cookies and other technologies

The website may use cookies and other technologies, such as pixel tags and web beacons. These technologies allow us to better understand users ' actions, find out what pages they visit, and evaluate and improve the effectiveness of advertising and web search. Information collected using cookies and other technologies is not considered personal. However, IP addresses or similar identifiers are considered personal information if required by local law. Similarly, in the context of this privacy Policy, when combining non-personal information and personal information, we consider such information personal.

RC may also use cookies and other technologies to remember personal information when you use our website. In such cases, our goal is to make your interaction with RC more convenient and personal. For example, if we know your name, we will be able to greet you the next time you visit RC. If we know your country and language (as well as your educational institution, if you are a teacher), we can make working with the store more convenient and personalized. Information about purchasing a particular product or using a particular service on your computer or mobile device will help make our ads and emails more relevant to your interests.

To disable cookies in the Safari web browser, open Safari settings and go to the "Privacy"section. On your Apple mobile device, select Settings, then Safari, scroll down to the Privacy and security section, and click Block cookies. If you are using a different web browser, contact your provider to find out how to disable cookies. Please note that after disabling cookies, some features of the RC website will not be available.

Like most Internet services, we automatically collect certain information and store it in log files. This information includes your IP address, browser type and language, Internet service provider, login and exit websites and applications, operating system, date and time stamps, and browsing history. We use this information to understand and analyze trends, manage the site, study user behavior on the site, improve our products and services, and collect demographic information about our users in General. RC may use this information in marketing and advertising services.

Some of our emails use "click-through URLS" associated with content on the RC website. When users click on these links, they go to the landing page via a separate web server. We track data about such traffic because it helps us identify the most popular topics and evaluate the effectiveness of customer interaction. If you want to opt out of such tracking, do not click on text and image links in emails. Pixel tags allow you to send email in a format that is accessible to customers, and also allow you to determine whether a message has been opened and read. We may use this information to reduce the number of emails or opt out of them.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Sometimes RC may share certain personal information with third parties in order to provide or improve its service, including to provide the service at your request or to promote the RC service more quickly in the market. In such cases, we require these third parties to process this information in accordance with applicable law. RC does not sell personal information, and personal information is not passed on to third parties for marketing purposes.

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